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 The Outrigger building spent an early life as a lumberyard, a plumbing supply house and a bar and grill.  The building glows with its history and experience.  As a music venue, The Outrigger is known for its intimacy, its welcoming audiences and its sonic warmth. Summers allow us to expand into an outdoor setting and The Outrigger has hosted concerts, parties and fundraisers both inside and out.  Wine and beer are always available at our well stocked bar. 

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 We take pride in providing the best small event site (up to 70 people, indoors) in our area. We ensure that your event will  occur in a clean, welcoming atmosphere.  Our stage is large enough to hold medium sized bands or single musicians.  Our sound system will give you the warm sound that you are looking for.  We can provide you access to catering or food trucks.  Try us out.  You are going to love the experience!

Always Something Going On...

 When we're not hosting a private event, we are throwing our own parties! Come join us for alternate Thursday Jam Sessions, periodic open mic nights and live music by nationally recognized artists as listed on our Calendar, above.  Keep an eye on our calendar as new acts are booked frequently.  As with any venue, please note that these events and bookings are sometimes subject to change.  

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August 11, 2018

Mark Jungers


About the closest today's crop of country and roots-music songwriters get to cattle and cornstalks are burgers and bags of tortilla chips. Thank goodness, then, for Minnesota farm-bred/Martindale-based Mark Jungers.

While he still knows something about busting sod, Jungers is a first-class songwriter and storyteller; an Americana pioneer who worked with the band Hell's Cafe before the Americana genre had a name and a record chart.

Songs about bovine/human disaster (50 Head) and grandfatherly advice (Swinging in the Wind) come naturally to Jungers. But so do songs about faith, shaken and otherwise (Show Me a Sign), heartache (Wasn't Thinking), love (Leaving With a Friend) and a good dog (Daisy).

Working with a road-tested band and guests including songwriters Susan Gibson and Adam Carroll, Jungers crafts music that fits; music that can rock and twang; music that adds punch and dynamics; music that's as organic, honest and homegrown as the words.

Jungers makes lyrics and music for town and country.

Jim Beal Jr, My San Antonio

September 2, 2018

Sour Bridges

Brewed with the best ingredients from the high plains of Texas, the hills of Pennsylvania, and the red dirt of Oklahoma, Sour Bridges is the finest blend of hand clapping, foot stomping Browngrass that Austin has to offer.


What's Browngrass?

It's like bluegrass, just a little dirtier. With aroma notes ranging from The Byrds to the Beatles, Sour Bridges is an unparalleled mesh of flavor explosion. Pull up a chair and pour you a glass. Sour Bridges always goes down smooth. 

Sour Bridges returns to Outrigger by popular demand. Kat on Violin, Bill on Guitar and VOX, Dalton on Drums, Jack on Bass and VOX, and Matt on Guitar & VOX will keep you on the edge of your seats with their energetic talent.


Festivals Played:

Utopiafest – Utopia, TX 2012-2014; CMJ –NYC 2013; Daytrotter – Chicago, IL 2013; Viva Big Bend – Marfa, TX 2015-2016; Musikfest – Bethlehem, PA 2016; Farmgrass Music Fest – Texas 2016; Austin Derby Fest – 2015; Austin City Limits Wine Down 2015; Austin 2nd St Sound Check 2016

September 29, 2018

Susan Gibson


"Susan has spent more than a decade crafting great songs that share (and usually exceed) the qualities that made "Wide Open Spaces" such a hit - authenticity, wit, and themes to which just about anyone with a heartbeat can relate." - No Depression Review

"There’s the one single element that’s remained true and consistent throughout: her easy-going believability that cuts straight through pretentiousness or fraudulent emotions. It cuts to the core of the human experience. At times it’s bold and brave. At others, she’s incredibly honest with a glimpse of those insecurities, intimate details, and exposed feelings that we all encounter from time to time. " - New Slang Lubbock Interview

"Gibson, as she did with her smash "Wide Open Spaces," strikes strong emotional chords without getting sappy, and celebrates life and love without resorting to platitudes." - Jim Beal, Jr. - San Antonio Express News


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