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 The Outrigger building spent an early life as a lumberyard, a plumbing supply house and a bar and grill.  The building glows with its history and experience.  As a music venue, The Outrigger is known for its intimacy, its welcoming audiences and its sonic warmth. Summers allow us to expand into an outdoor setting and The Outrigger has hosted concerts, parties and fundraisers both inside and out.  Wine and beer are always available at our well stocked bar. 

Booking an Event?

 We take pride in providing the best small event site (up to 70 people, indoors) in our area. We ensure that your event will  occur in a clean, welcoming atmosphere.  Our stage is large enough to hold medium sized bands or single musicians.  Our sound system will give you the warm sound that you are looking for.  We can provide you access to catering or food trucks.  Try us out.  You are going to love the experience!

Always Something Going On...

 When we're not hosting a private event, we are throwing our own parties! Come join us for alternate Thursday Jam Sessions, periodic open mic nights and live music by nationally recognized artists as listed on our Calendar, above.  Keep an eye on our calendar as new acts are booked frequently.  As with any venue, please note that these events and bookings are sometimes subject to change. 


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Tremolocos   Jack Motley    Terri Hendrix    Lloyd Maines  

Sour Bridges 

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Buddy Mondlock

Sat, April 7, $30 per ticket. Doors open at 6:30. Includes small meal.


Buddy Mondlock writes songs. He does it so well that some great songwriters have recorded his songs on their own albums. Guy Clark, Nanci Griffith, and Janis Ian, to name just a few. You mightʼve heard his song “The Kid” (recorded by David Wilcox, Peter, Paul   When Buddy made his first trip to Texas from his native Chicago, Guy Clark heard him singing one of his songs under a tree at the Kerrville Folk Festival and liked it. So Guy went back to Nashville, opened the door and said, “listen to this kid, heʼs good!” A publishing deal and a U-Haul  and Mary and Cry, Cry, Cry) and maybe even sung it yourself around a campfire. He draws you into his world - where a single snowflake follows the trajectory of a relationship, where you get you pocket picked by a Roman cat, where you might swim over the edge of the world if youʼre not careful and where dreams that donʼt come true still count.  

Jack Motley

Sat, June 23, $30 per ticket. Doors open at 6:30. Includes small meal.

Jack's fovorite qoute:  "Each of us has his own special gift. You know this was meant to be true. If you won't underestimate me - I won't underestimate you." 

Bob Dylan


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